Fall Table Setting- Dough Bowl Inspired

Written By Tammy Delbridge

Fall Table Setting- Dough Bowl Inspired

October 26, 2021

From pumpkin everything to cozy layers and changing colors, autumn is a season with so much to love. It’s a time to gather around a table and enjoy the tastes and smells that are so uniquely fall. This simple and easy fall table setting will bring the magic of the season inside, adding enchantment to those memorable autumn gatherings.

Autumn’s Inspiration

It’s no wonder fall is deeply etched into the hearts of so many people. We love that fall brings predictable traditions. The falling of leaves, pumpkin patches, bonfires, and cozy layers are worth every immersed moment we can spare for taking in the senses of fall. Autumn also reminds us that change is inevitable and remarkable. In truth, it’s a gentle reminder to be intentional with our time as we move through life. There is no better time spent than that gathered with people who bring meaning to our lives. The act of gathering around a beautifully set fall tablescape preserves the magic of our fleeting moments by creating the backdrop of unforgettable fond memories.

Planning a Fall Tablescape

Often an inspired tablescape will take form from pulling out all my favorite table linens and tableware and placing them on the table in a creative playtime. When I’m feeling a creative block, I start with a planning mood board. In particular, I collect inspiration pieces from my home and group them physically or in pictures, including all my owned and wishlist items. The idea is to come up with a color palette and theme for the table.

Color and Theme

Color palettes and themes create cohesion and a visually pleasing aesthetic. Too many unfocused colors or ideas in any space make the space feel cluttered. The final plan for this table setting has a soft color scheme based around my grandmother’s Fire King champagne gold antique plates. Grandma’s plates hold sentiment in our family, so they are often incorporated into the design plan. This fall-inspired color palette plan includes champagne gold, cream, white, and natural wood tones.

Collection with dough bowl, faux pumpkins and neutral florals in caramel and wood toned fall colors

The Dough Bowl Fall Centerpiece

Rightfully named, the center attraction on the table should be the centerpiece. My centerpiece started with a dough bowl as my main feature. Dough bowls are wooden vessels that were used historically in Colonial homes to mix bread dough. Dough bowls have become a popular part of home decor due to their immense vintage charm and versatility. The dough bowl I’m using is a reproduction piece meaning the budget was right, and it was easy to get even if it meant sacrificing some of that authentic old-world charm.

Fall centerpiece made from dough bowl will neutral florals, candles, and pumpkins arranged in it.

Dough Bowl Centerpiece Quick List:
  • fill the dough bowl with greenery (mine is a faux garland)
  • tuck in an odd number of candlesticks (I used three brass)
  • place faux hydrangea heads in the emptier spaces
  • add in an arrangement of faux pumpkins (I like to create a focal point by placing the bigger pumpkins in the middle)

Assembling the Centerpiece

The dough bowl centerpiece is quick and easy. It stays on our table throughout the season when the rest of the table setting is impractical. First, I arrange the candlesticks and greenery, making sure to allow pieces to flow over the sides of the dough bowl. Next, I add in the faux fall hydrangea tops to give the centerpiece some depth and interest. The look of hydrangeas and pumpkins is one of my favorites. Finally, I place an arrangement of pumpkins in neutral colors throughout the centerpiece with a clustering of the larger pumpkins in the center.

Layering Linens in a  Fall Table Setting

With a completed centerpiece, it’s time to lay the linens and put the table setting together. Marrying a rustic dough bowl with shimmery vintage plates can be tricky. Timeless linens are a good way to soften the look of the rustic dough bowl and tie in the more elegant feel that the plates give off. I used a classic cream linen tablecloth with a pretty hemstitch detail as a contrasting backdrop. Then, I layered a champagne gauze table runner down the center to bring the color from the plates to the center of the table.

These linens not only soften the look of the rustic dough bowl but bring cohesiveness to the color scheme. The gauze table runner was ordered extra long to create some whimsey at the ends of the table. The centerpiece is added atop the gauze in the center of the table once the linens are in place. Incorporating textiles such as decorative pillows can add a touch of cozy and warmth to the space.

Setting a Fall Table

Finishing off the look is one of my favorite parts. Assembling the place settings makes the table come to life as I think of the loved ones seated in each spot. I like to use layering at each setting to bring dimension and depth to the table setting. For this look, I’ll use wooden chargers, white plates, linen napkins, my grandmother’s smaller champagne plates, and small pumpkins to coordinate with the dough bowl. 

Wood chargers are a year-round table staple to have if you like incorporating elements of warm wood in your decor. In this case, they warm up the table setting with an earthy fall tone and add cohesiveness with the wood dough bowl in the centerpiece. White dishes are timeless and neutral table additions that easily pair with any color palette and scheme. 

Table setting using chargers, white plates, and antique champagne colored plates with linen napkins and tinted drinking glasses

Linen napkins are a fun way to fancy up the dinner table. They wash, reuse, and feel fancier than their paper adversaries. Neutral colors add layers of interest and maintain a soft look, while bold colors add a pop of statement to the setting.

Use tinted impression glassware to add charm to any table setting. This fall table setting just got a lot more sparkle and whimsy. Find the details on the blog.

Silverware and glassware will finish off the look. Featured in this setting, is twill embossed tinted glassware. The glasses have a subtle pink tint making them a statement piece. I love the way they glimmer in the light and give a fun detail to the table. 

Wicker chair and table with cream table cloth and fall inspired gauze table runner. Dough dough bowl centerpiece filled with neutral faux florals and pumpkins

A beautiful table setting makes for a special feeling. It’s an elevated feeling of home being a special place. This table setting can be left out for decor as a whole or just with the centerpiece. Most importantly, it can be used as a place to gather and make togetherness feel special.

Fall table setting with dough bowl centerpiece filled with neutral fall florals and pumpkins. Place settings using wood chargers and white plates with linen napkins.

I hope this casual elegant dough bowl-inspired fall table setting has given some inspiration to create your table setting during the holidays and for ordinary and extraordinary days. Above all, I hope you enjoy many fall moments gathered with family and friends.

Fall table setting with dough bowl centerpiece filled with neutral fall florals and pumpkins. Place settings using wood chargers and white plates with linen napkins.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments. Also, check out how we built our one-of-a-kind DIY Farmhouse Table

Table setting with table cloth cozy chair and [pillow. Neutral florals and layered place setting.



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  1. Meeghan

    I loved this post Tammy! The soft fall color palette you used is perfection. That centerpiece and your grandmother’s plates are gorgeous too. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Tammy Delbridge

      Thank you, Meeghan. I appreciate you taking the time to share some kindness. I appreciate it so much!

  2. Tiffany

    I love everything about your dining space Tammy!
    This fall look is so calming and inviting. Your grandmother’s plates make this setting even more special!

    • Tammy Delbridge

      Thank you, Tiffany! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate the feedback.

  3. Annette

    Such a beautiful tablescape! I love the video on the dough bowl. I have an old one and this has inspired me to pull it out of storage and use it at Thanksgiving as the table centerpiece.

    • Tammy Delbridge

      Yay! I’m so glad you got some inspiration! I’d love to have an old one. Enjoy it! Happy early Thanksgiving.