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Everyone Deserves a Beautiful Space


from Tammy

Everyone deserves a beautiful home.

Who hasn’t looked at a beautifully designed room or home and wished it could be theirs? You have excellent taste, but finding the vision to create it can be stressful and costly. Let’s face it. Just knowing where to begin is often paralyzing.

Hiring an interior designer is expensive

It can cost upwards of a thousand dollars or more per room to get personalized consultation with a talented designer. Not everyone can afford to rain money down on their home decor like that.

Beauty is for everyone.

It’s something we can hold in common. You deserve to have a home that expresses who you are, the life that you live, and how you want to be welcomed when you return to relax and recenter.

How We work for you

My husband, Mr. Lavender Brook Home and I have been working for years turning lackluster and truly hideous spaces into dreamy ones by designing and building them from scratch. We understand what it takes to make a room beautiful without a big budget. We also know what it feels like to splurge a little and create stunning spaces that we truly deserve.

We’ve created an affordable and hassle free option that you can complete from start to finish entirely online.

Introducing our Room Design Packages.

This is our ingenious way of providing you with a design plan that’s affordable and accessible. Let me look at your space with a fresh perspective and create a concept and mood that reflects how you want to feel at home.

Choose the room you wish to see rejuvenated. We will be the fresh eyes to see the design potential.

To set the mood, we create an interactive room design including furnishings, wall art, textiles, decor, and accessories.

Use the interactive links to purchase and apply the resources into your home. Totally stress free.

Designs by Lavender Brook Home

Before and After scenes

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Custom Design Packages

Word from Tammy Delbridge

As an experienced designer and color consultant, I love to share my nerdy love for creating beautiful spaces with you. Do not underestimate what little effort and money it can take to create and maintain a beautiful home with a little help from Lavender Brook Home.

Whether you’re building a brand new home or just updating your current well-loved home, we can take the stress out of the decorating process and make it a fun experience for you.